The FestivalGetting started for Amsterdam

For a few years, Mediacode has been the online partner of the international part of the festival: Light Art Collection. Now for the 7th edition of the event in Amsterdam we have been asked to develop the festival website. The corporate identity and site this year is the same with the design language of last year's campaign. A black / white base with the striking gradient as an eye-catcher.

AnimationsLet’s move!

For each phase of the festival, before, during and after, we developed various animations to showcase the most important call to actions. For viewing the large collection of artworks and booking tours for example. With the first modules on the homepage we ensure more conversion to the different pages. And now that we're talking about animation, check out the coolest submenu we've ever made!


The most important functional pages are the ones where visitors can choose their tour, determine their route and where you can find all the artworks of previous editions. The responsive design allows visitors to quickly navigate and filter on, among other things, tours with a guide, cruises and walking routes. There are also tips to find restaurants, bars and overnight stays. On the route page you can easily click on whether you want to see works of art, pick-up places or, for example, city stories. You can filter the artworks which are perfectly indexable for search engines.

Listen to thisThe biggest audio tour of Amsterdam

You never walk alone on the Amsterdam Light Festival route. And even if you do not feel like going into the cold, you can listen to several stories via the map with all the artworks. There are various speakers for different target groups. Via SoundCloud you get all the ins and outs of an artist and his or her work.